Franko B

What influences me is life as a whole and, consequently, how I live it and respond to it – which includes my sexuality. First, I am a being". 

Will St Leger

“[We will] go out there and sticker and stencil and keep hammering home that message until people realise there is a problem in Ireland that is not being addressed".

Andrew Goyvaerts

"We have a discrepancy in the support that people have available to them in an urban area compared to somewhere rural. There is a prime opportunity in technology to address this". 

Brian Teeling

"A door left open, the poppers in soft focus, the smaller details. They're reminders of intimacy, artefacts; the only constant – rather than the boy". 

Daniel Tóth

"If you hide away, you kind of contribute to the idea that some things are just not said. It takes a lot of conscious effort to break that".

Frank Strachan

"The message and its medium make for a satisfyingly jarring pairing, an unabashed queering of what, too oftenseems to be an impenetrable bastion of homointolerance". 

Adam Shanley

“Being able to find out your HIV status in a bar normalises the process and normalises the opportunity for you to talk to your friends about it”. 

Conor Kavanagh

"Somebody said, ‘when we get equality, the debate will move to how we treat one and other – we have a really big problem there’. He was so right".


"Is there a safe space? As a gay man, there is. As a black gay man? There isn’t. Will it happen? Eventually. We're at the beginning".