Harry Colley

"I sometimes stress when I’m cooking for mates, so I almost never do. I imagine they’re expecting something mind blowing when it’s probably going to be really simple".

Daniel Zagórski

"When there is an issue in the trans community, not many people from the LGB community help out. When there is an LGBT issue, trans people are usually at the fore". 

Mark Grehan

"In my floristry work and in my bouquet work, I am probably more masculine rather than pretty. I see how things are growing and try and reinterpret that".

Paddy Scahill

"The drugs prevalent on the gay scene have started to differ from those on the straight scene. And clubs as well as after parties have become more overtly sexualised". 


"Queerness doesn’t necessarily relate to gayness. There’s an accountant somewhere in Ireland that’s a queer but is married and has four kids – that’s really exciting to me”.

Robbie Lawlor

"If you go to someone you’re dating and you look depressed and say HIV is ruining your life, the person will run a mile. Feel empowered in your status".

William Murray

"The reactions are completely different though it’s the same image. In one instance I’m this attention seeking whore and in another I’m making body art".

Dylan Kerr

Each outfit is a placard in protest against taking gender – as it manifests itself in norms around this one aspect of a person's appearance – too seriously. 

Kris Nelson

"It's one of the things I miss about Montreal – there’s no flirt in the street! Dublin has no game. Nobody knows how to do the look back here". 

Dean McDaid

“I’m gay, I look at men, I appreciate them, but it has to be different. You’re looking at someone you could be mentoring – you can’t look at them in that way". 

Oisin McKenna

"Queerness as a political and cultural identity is really important to my process. In the past couple of years I have more confidence in my queerness and I feel part of a queer community in Dublin".