Wren Dennehy

“What I want to do with my art, my performance and my life is to cultivate more of a culture of positivity and healing and love, rather than tearing each other down to get a level up.”

Issa Olwengo

“As a gay man of Kenyan decent, I have struggled at some stages of my life to satisfy the expectations of the black community, while still staying true to my gay self…”


“I might still be in the closet but I’m living my best life. I feel very included and very safe. I know I can always rely on people.”

Philip Connaughton

“When I’ve done solos, you’re never really alone. There’s always a team around you. As I was looking after my mum, I noticed that this is kind of her solo.”

Michael Keyes

“I had to realign what a man is. A man isn’t just a dude with a dick. What is a dude, like? It’s not just how you present to the world.”

DePaul Vera

“I am narrating my experience as a Black, queer male and using pop culture elements to emphasise America's long-lasting encouragement of Black oppression.”